What's the deal?

A new way of creating, designing and interacting with your organization

DAOs represent new types of structures entirely or partially based on public, transparent and open source distributed registry protocols (such as Ethereum)

Trust & full Transparency

All interactions / interactions carried out by the members of a DAO are publicly accessible to all: the transparency of the transactions are absolute and predetermined. So, find bellow our DAO's public informations

Simplicity and accessibility

A DAO is only accessible to certain pre-determined individuals but can also be completely public. In our case, it is a private DAO only accessible to the members of our project using their Ethereum address


Often based on the public Ethereum protocol, a DAO allows exchanges (financial, voting rights, etc.) to be carried out almost instantaneously, securely or even automatically


Don't worry: of course all interactions within a DAO are public and immutable but they are pseudonymous (only DAO managers can access and link the physical identities of our members with their 'blockchain identities')

Discover our very concrete and live DAO

Our DAO is bellow

You can find some informations relatives to our DAO : number of addresses (members) in the DAO, number of voting tokens that each members holds (representing their influences when an internal vote occur), the total amount of the annuel members contributions (in ethers) to the project, etc.

The information below comes directly from the Ethereum blockchain
You can find the names of our active members holding tokens as well as their percentage of influence within the project

On this second address of the Ethereum blockchain you can find the annual fees that the KRYPTOSPHERE project receives from our members
Those contributions are received in ethers (the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum protocol)

Find more pictures below of our internal DAO features
This is the interface we use to interact with the DAO

The future can't be predicted but only prepared

Why we decided to use a DAO

More transparency leads to more confidence

A better structuration of our own internal processes

Our student project brings together nearly 100 business and engineering school student members. Getting so many students to communicate and collaborate together is a daily challenge that requires motivation, transparency and a high level of trust towards the twenty members who manage and lead our project.

The creation of a DAO has allowed us to considerably improve these three components:

- Motivation becomes publicly and anonymously accessible to anyone who would like to see what is the real involvement of a member in our project

- Transparency is also greatly improved, particularly with the system of annual member contributions which are made directly into the DAO (who said that crypto-actives are opaque? In reality it depends on the context of use)

- Confidence, the keyword of our project. It is more than ever at the centre of this DAO because trust will be based directly on the technology we are all passionate about within the project: the blockchain

Finaly, using this DAO is not only an improvement for motivation and structuring but also a proof that the technology we are democratizing can be used daily and by everyone.

This new internal process gives all our members a chance to express themselves and vote on our common project (which would not be the case without our DAO).

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You are a KRYPTOSPHERE® member ?

You can access the bellow tutorial to interact with the DAO

Please use the password given internaly to access the videos